Magnesium: The complete guide

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Magnesium is an essential mineral salt for the proper functioning of our body. Indeed, it intervenes in more than three hundred metabolic reactions!

Even if it is naturally present in certain foods such as dark chocolate, nuts, bananas, whole grain foods and seafood, it is sometimes necessary to resort to magnesium-based dietary supplements in case of deficiency to be healthy.

Fatigue, eyelid spasm, anxiety, cramps, dizziness, headaches and numbness are some of the signs that show that you may be lacking magnesium.

What are our magnesium needs and what are the benefits?

Find out everything you need to know about magnesium in this article !

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* Magnesium: Origins

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Magnesium: Origins

Magnesium was first identified in the middle of the XVIII century by the Scottish chemist Joseph Black. At the beginning of the XIX century, it was isolated by the British chemist Sir Humphry Davy, and in 1926, a French researcher, Jehan Leroy, proved that magnesium was an essential mineral for health.

List :
foods rich in magnesium

Table classification groups contains 12 foods rich in magnesium :

  • Fruits: avocados, bananas, figs…
  • Vegetables: spinach, artichokes, chard…
  • The herbs: coriander, mint, chives…
  • Oilseeds: pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds…

The benefits of magnesium

Magnesium against the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (cramps in the belly, nervousness, anxiety, migraines etc.) affect many women a few days before the arrival of menstruation. Studies have shown that a magnesium cure can effectively combat these symptoms.

Magnesium and concentration

The stabilizing effects of magnesium on the abilities of concentration and learning are known. A magnesium cure is also often recommended during the exam period because not only does it allow students to fight stress but it also helps them to concentrate well.

Magnesium and bone health

Magnesium is an essential mineral for the proper fixation of calcium on the bones. You should know that half of the magnesium present in our body is found in our bones and teeth.

In addition, studies have shown that magnesium has the power to fight osteoporosis.

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Magnesium to relax the muscles

One of the benefits of magnesium on the body is the relaxation of the muscles. Indeed, it helps to reduce cramps and relieve muscle fatigue. A magnesium cure is therefore particularly beneficial for athletes.

Magnesium against stress and sleep disorders

Magnesium is particularly known for its anti-stress power because it decreases the production of cortisol, a stress-related hormone. This mineral also contributes to the activation of melatonin, the “sleep” hormone, it therefore reduces nervous fatigue as well as stress and fights insomnia. It also intervenes in the manufacture of the serotonin, the hormone of “happiness” and thus makes it possible to soothe irritability and fight depression.

Magnesium for weight loss

Magnesium removes toxins and fats from the body and transforms them into energy. In addition, it limits the cravings for sweets, the temptation of which is important especially in times of stress and fatigue.

Also, magnesium promotes good digestion and reduces bloating.

Magnesium and prevention of cardiovascular diseases

A study shows that magnesium supplementation leads to a reduction in blood pressure, one of the main risks of cardiovascular diseases. It also reduces the incidence of atrial fibrillation, a common heart rhythm disorder.

Magnesium and prevention of type 2 diabetes

Magnesium helps prevent type 2 diabetes thanks to its regulatory power on blood sugar levels.

Magnesium: Expert opinions

According to the SU.VI.MAX survey, magnesium deficiency affects 18% of men and 23% of women in France. Taking dietary supplements based on magnesium, whether as a prevention or in case of deficiency, is a safe way to provide your body with the dose it needs.

We advise you to have a healthy lifestyle as well as a balanced and varied diet during your treatment, so that magnesium can be in balance with other minerals such as calcium and potassium.

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Magnesium : Contraindications

Magnesium supplementation is contraindicated in cases of severe renal insufficiency. In this case, the advice of a doctor is necessary.

Magnesium: Dosage

If the magnesium deficiency has consequences, an overdose also carries risks for your health (hypotension, diarrhea, muscle weakness, …). It is therefore important to respect the dosage indicated on the package.

It should be known that the magnesium needs vary depending on the age and gender of the person. In addition, they increase particularly in adolescents, athletes, pregnant and lactating women as well as elderly people.

Nevertheless, it is generally recommended the dietary intake of 6 mg per kilogram per day of magnesium. For example, for a person weighing 60 kg, the daily intake is 360 mg/day.

Magnesium: Adverse reactions

A magnesium cure can cause digestive disorders, abdominal pain and diarrhea in some people. In this case, do not hesitate to interrupt the supplementation. Don’t worry, nothing prevents you from taking it again later, but in smaller doses.

To limit the potential laxative effects of magnesium, we advise you to divide the doses and especially to take them during meals.

Where to buy magnesium?

At Vegalia, you will soon find magnesium based food supplements offering 120 quality capsules to pamper your health.

In addition to magnesium bisglycinate recognized as the best source of assimilable magnesium, our food supplements contain vitamin B6 which improves the absorption of magnesium by the body, vitamin C, and taurine, a sulfur-containing amino acid involved in the regulation of stress.

Our products are 100% vegan, do not contain gluten or gelatin and are made in France. They will help your nervous and muscular system to function well and improve your overall well-being!

Probably the best Magnesium.

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Don't know which products to eat to reach your health goals?
Find out in less than a minute by making your personalized diagnosis.

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