Cocoa bean: The complete guide

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Cocoa beans are almond-shaped seeds contained in pods (the fruits of the cocoa tree). They grow mainly in South America and in the tropical regions of Central America, in a tree called Theobroma cacao, from the Sterculiaceae family. For many people, cocoa is the taste and scent of joy and good mood, because it is immediately linked to chocolate which, for its part, increases endorphin, the hormone of happiness! However, few people know the real benefits that unroasted cocoa beans provide to our body. Indeed, the cocoa that can be found in shops is roasted, that is to say exposed to very high temperatures. Unfortunately, the heat significantly damages the molecular structure of the cocoa bean and thus reduces its nutrients. The cocoa beans that are not roasted, are simply dried in the sun and fermented at room temperature, which guarantees the protection of their nutrients. We tell you everything about this superfood also called “the food of the gods” because its benefits are simply miraculous.

Origin of cocoa beans


But it’s brown gold!

Cocoa beans have been known since ancient times in the tropical forests of Central and South America for their precious benefits. In fact, as early as the 14th century, the Aztecs considered cocoa beans as a sacred gift from God and used them to prepare a therapeutic drink reserved for certain privileged people. Cocoa beans were also used as currency. Moreover, in 1519, when the Spaniards invaded the territory of the Aztecs (present-day Mexico), they realized that they had “brown gold” in their hands because they had found 2,500,000 cocoa beans in the treasures of the Aztec emperor!

Cocoa bean: World star

The Spaniards very quickly discovered that they could make a lot of profits thanks to the cultivation and marketing of cocoa beans. So after colonizing Mexico, they began to export these beans to Europe. Nowadays, cocoa beans are grown in other parts of the world such as Africa, Indonesia, Colombia and Malaysia. Moreover, they are known all over the world because they are used to produce chocolate, which is becoming increasingly popular.

What to do with cocoa beans?


Cocoa beans: Natural chocolate

Studies show that people who consume chocolate live on average one year longer than others. Knowing that chocolate is prepared from cocoa, which itself is prepared from cocoa beans… Imagine what cocoa, in its original form, can do for your body!   With cocoa beans, you can therefore prepare your own raw chocolate to make the most of all its benefits. You can consume the natural chocolate alone, to accompany your hot drinks, in the preparation of your desserts, your sauces and even your main dishes. Indeed, chocolate salads as a starter and chocolate pork tenderloins as a main course have become very fashionable nowadays because they offer an explosion of flavor. Obviously, several sweet and savory recipes based on raw chocolate exist to awaken your taste buds at any time of the day.  

Cocoa beans in grains and in powder

Cocoa beans are also eaten whole. Indeed, cocoa beans are crunchy and tender at the same time, so they can be simply chewed. They can also be crushed or ground to obtain a practical powder to use in all your culinary preparations. Also, you can buy cocoa beans in powder form (ready to use) to sprinkle on your breakfast mueslis, your desserts, your smoothies or to prepare healthy and natural chocolate drinks. Have a nice meal!

Cocoa bean: benefits


Superfood: Super benefits

The cocoa bean has so many benefits that it would take leaves and leaves to write them all down. However, let’s note a few of them. To begin with, the cocoa bean improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system because it strengthens the blood vessels and stimulates the heart. It also helps to lower the level of bad cholesterol and blood pressure.
  Moreover, this small seed from the rainforest is a very powerful antioxidant. In fact, it reduces the activity of free radicals in the body’s cells to protect it against viruses and infections. In addition, the cocoa bean is a natural antidepressant. It relieves stress, improves the emotional state, normalizes sleep and reduces fatigue. Combined with the klamath, you will be able to say goodbye to stress as well as slack! Also, the high content of vitamin B present in the cocoa bean has a rejuvenating effect on the body. By the way, vitamin B is sometimes called “the beauty vitamin”. In general, regular consumption of cocoa beans has a positive effect on the entire nervous system, on the skin which becomes softer and on the normalization of the menstrual cycle.  

Cocoa beans for weight loss

If commercially purchased chocolate is not recommended during a diet, know that unroasted cocoa beans are, on the contrary, recommended. Indeed, they reduce appetite, which directly leads to weight loss. You can combine them with guarana to bring an appetite suppressant and fat burner effect. In addition, they give energy to be in shape and prevent you from getting depressed, which is especially common during a diet. In addition, cocoa beans improve metabolism and effectively eliminate toxins. Your body is then cleansed and reaches its equilibrium weight more easily.

Cocoa beans: How to buy


Organic Flavor

To taste the unique flavor of raw cocoa beans, you must buy them organic! So aim for an organic website or an organic store that sells whole cocoa beans or natural cocoa bean powder.

Cocoa bean: Dosage


Small dose of cocoa bean

We recommend that you eat 4 to 5 cocoa beans a day to be in good shape. Remember that it is good to indulge in superfoods, but in moderation to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Don't know which products to eat to reach your health goals?
Find out in less than a minute by making your personalized diagnosis.

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