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Are you looking for a complete food? Something that would provide you with all the essential nutrients for your health in one bite?

Chlorella vulgaris may be just what you need! This freshwater micro-algae, classified as a “superfood”, is full of benefits for the body. Its properties are countless, as are the nutrients it contains.

Overview on the benefits of organic chlorella, but also on the possible risks and contraindications, and without forgetting the dosage.

Probably the best organic organic chlorella 

  Certified AB and Ecocert France

  100% pure organic chlorella

  Cultivated in spring water

Benefits of organic chlorella


If in Asia, algae and microalgae are part of the foods consumed daily, this is not yet the case in European countries. However, some of these aquatic plants require special attention for all the benefits they can provide to our health.

Organic chlorella is naturally rich in several nutrients: it contains a lot of fiber and protein, which makes it a “super vegetable”. It contains omega 3 fatty acids. Chlorella is also rich in vitamins B1, B6 and B12 and in vitamin E.

Its composition also contains many minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as iron, zinc and selenium. With so many essential components for the body, it is a precious natural health ally.



Chlorella for weight loss

Chlorella has proven slimming properties. How do you think the Japanese, who consume a lot of this micro-algae, manage to keep their figure?

It is important to know that it is not the chlorella itself that makes you lose weight: it acts in fact as an appetite suppressant. Its exceptional richness in nutrients, added to a strong rate of amino acid phenylalanine, cuts indeed any desire of nibbling.

Chlorella also contributes to the regulation of the level of bad fats and sugar in the blood. Taking chlorella as part of a slimming diet therefore reduces caloric intake and thus prevents weight gain.



Chlorella to purify the body

Chlorella was discovered by a Dutch biologist named Martin Beyerink and the latter named it Chlorella vulgaris because of its very high concentration of chlorophyll.

The chlorophyll contained in chlorella promotes the detoxification work of organs leaded by heavy metals of all kinds: mercury, aluminum etc … It helps at the same time to purify the blood as well as the tissues.

Probably the best organic organic chlorella 

  Certified AB and Ecocert France

  100% pure organic chlorella

  Cultivated in spring water

Chlorella against hypertension

Chlorella can be used to treat high blood pressure. After a daily treatment of several weeks (2 to 5 months), some patients have noticed a decrease in their blood pressure.

Note that to achieve such results, it is not necessary to consume chlorella in any way. It is imperative to respect a really very strict and meticulous dosage, associated with an excellent lifestyle.


Benefits of chlorella on the skin

Chlorella is a real beauty ally! Used as a facial mask, it has no equal to purify and oxygenate the skin of your face. Its detoxifying properties allow it to eliminate pollutants and heavy metals embedded in your skin.

Chlorella vulgaris can also be used as an anti-wrinkle treatment by applying it as a mask. Thanks to its composition rich in nourishing and antioxidant nutrients, it firms the skin and promotes cell renewal.


The action of chlorella against cancer

Chlorella is known to be a natural remedy against cancer. It turns out that this small green algae stimulates the immune system, as well as the production of interferons, proteins that protect the body against the appearance of cancerous cells.

South Korean scientists have also discovered that the carotenoids contained in chlorella vulgaris have the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.



Chlorella to eliminate heavy metals

This micro-algae is the perfect ally to evacuate heavy metals present in the body. Thanks to its cell membrane, chlorella quickly detects heavy metals and attracts them in order to store them. Thus, they are eliminated naturally and the process does not represent any danger for the person concerned.

It should be noted that the body can be polluted by heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic or cadnium, but thanks to chlorella, these elements are quickly eliminated. Following studies carried out on the human organism, it has been proven that this alga is able to attract toxic pollutants such as dioxin or organochlorine aromatic compounds in order to eliminate them.

These elements can represent a real danger to health if measures are not taken quickly. Thanks to the sporopolein present in chlorella, heavy metals and toxins are attracted by the algae before being evacuated towards the intestines.



Chlorella to promote cell regeneration

This algae with multiple virtues is exploited by many beauty professionals for its ability to regenerate cells. This ability is due to the presence of C.G.F. and its high content of natural sugars, vitamins and amino acids.

Thus, people who consume this seaweed benefit from cell regeneration which results in better assimilation of proteins, rapid healing or even the proper functioning of the body.

Probably the best organic organic chlorella 

  Certified AB and Ecocert France

  100% pure organic chlorella

  Cultivated in spring water

Chlorella, danger and side effects ?


La consommation de chlorella n’est pas dangereuse, mais quelques effets secondaires peuvent être ressentis au début de la prise du produit. La stimulation de l’activité intestinale qu’elle engendre peut notamment provoquer quelques ballonnements chez certaines personnes.


It is also possible to feel headaches. This is especially due to the purification of the body by the product.

However, most of these side effects are mild and hardly noticeable. They generally disappear after a few times of consumption of chlorella.



The intake of chlorella is not recommended for people with hemachromatosis problems which result in an excess of iron. The consultation of a doctor is necessary if one takes anticoagulants, antiplatelets or antihypertensives.

Finally, if you are sensitive to the effects of caffeine, avoid consuming both chlorella and coffee, because the combination of the two increases the effects of coffee tenfold.


Dosage of chlorella


There are several ways to benefit from the beneficial properties of chlorella. You can consume it in the form of powder or tablets. In all cases, this plant with a thousand virtues requires a specific dosage according to the treatment you are taking.

The daily dose for an adult is about 3 grams of chlorella (powder or tablet), or about 6 tablets of 500 mg per day.
The ideal is to consume small doses at the beginning and to increase afterwards. If you need a larger dose, as is the case for athletes or people recovering from illness, you can take up to 10 g per day.

Chlorella can be consumed or used on a daily basis or as a cure. Nevertheless, before taking this beneficial algae, it is more advisable to adopt a healthy lifestyle during your treatment with chlorella.

For its benefits to be permanent, it is advisable to take chlorella on a regular basis. This can be done throughout the year or during annual cures of a few months. In fact, taking it too irregularly may limit the effects of chlorella and perpetuate the side effects.

When consuming chlorella, it is recommended to take a break of about one week every two months, i.e. one week break after seven weeks of intake.


Spirulina or chlorella?


When we see all the wonderful properties of chlorella, it is impossible not to make the comparison with spirulina, another micro-algae also very famous for its countless virtues.

In fact, many people hesitate between the two superfoods: it must be said that they have several similarities in terms of benefits.

They are both extremely rich in proteins and iron, but also in vitamins, trace elements, essential fatty acids, vegetable fibers… This great wealth of nutrients makes them improve your form. Nevertheless, the organic chlorella is more adapted for the following treatments:

Vitamin B12 deficiency (Chlorella contains bio-assimilable vitamin B12 whereas spirulina contains an analogous vitamin B12. Thus, spirulina does not allow a sufficient intake of this vitamin. This is why we recommend chlorella to vegetarians).

– Improvement of the transit
– Detoxification of the skin and the body
– Regulation of sugar and bad fat in the blood
– Prevention of cancer
– Reduction of high blood pressure…

In view of these many differences, chlorella and spirulina are food supplements that can be consumed in parallel. Indeed, their effects are complementary.

Where to buy organic chlorella ?


To better enjoy its benefits, it is best to consume good quality chlorella.
To find a good quality chlorella, it is advisable to buy from a store specialized in the sale of organic superfoods.

Indeed, for this algae to be excellent for health, it must be certified Ecocert. Good quality chlorella must be cultivated at high altitudes and in pure water that contains neither aflatoxins nor pesticides.

This cultivation is done away from urban pollution and under the supervision of specialists in order to ensure that the algae grows in optimal conditions. Of course, its price can be more expensive than that of chlorella that do not respect these growing conditions, but a poor quality clorella is often full of toxic heavy metals that will not only do you good!

Probably the best organic organic chlorella 

  Certified AB and Ecocert France

  100% pure organic chlorella

  Cultivated in spring water


Don't know which products to eat to reach your health goals?
Find out in less than a minute by making your personalized diagnosis.

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