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Result of the diagnosis : 

We recommend a two-month course of chlorella and spirulina at the appropriate dosage. We focused on the essentials with natural, eco-responsible products made in France, just the essentials to detoxify your body.

For you :

4 tablets / day

Organic Chorella – 16,90€

It cleanses our fluids (blood, lymph), our tissues, our intestines, liver, kidneys, skin, lungs. This cleaning is an essential prerequisite for any recovery of our health.



4 tablets / day

Organic Spirulina – 16,90€

Due to its high content of amino acids and vitamins, spirulina acts as a natural shield against oxidation and helps protect the liver from external damage.



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⸱ Take the supplements during meals ⸱
⸱ Start with 2 tablets of spirulina and chlorella the first 10 days