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Result of the diagnosis : 

We recommend a one-month treatment with spirulina and probiotics at the appropriate dosage. We focused on the essentials with natural, eco-responsible products made in France, just the essentials to have a clear, bright and redness-free skin.

For you :

6 tablets / day

Organic Spirulina – 16,90€

Dull complexion, dark circles, premature wrinkles… Spirulina offers the skin a real rejuvenating bath. It detoxifies the body and recharges you with essential vitamins and minerals.



2 capsules / day

Probiotics – 26,90€

These are living microorganisms located on your skin that participate in keeping it healthy. They regulate your microbiota, act on your skin from the inside and protect you from external aggressions.



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⸱ Take the supplements during meals ⸱ Start with 2 spirulina tablets for the first 3 days then gradually increase to 6/day.