Our history

The idea of Vegalia was born after a road trip to Togo during which we visited a spirulina aquaculture field. There, we became aware of the incredible properties of this blue algae.

When we returned to France, the observation of what existed on the market was without appeal: high prices, quality not always at the rendezvous, complicated formulations and sales arguments sometimes opaque.

We then set ourselves the mission of doing better by offering quality products, reasonable prices, understandable formulations and explanations accessible to all.

Comment consommer la spiruline


We carefully select all the products we find in order to keep only the best. Very quickly, we established strict selection criteria: origin, concentration and flavor.

The ingredients must come from a responsible, organic culture and without negative impact on the environment. As soon as we have the opportunity to source an organic product, we do it. The concentration of vitamins and minerals must be high enough to guarantee the properties of each ingredient. Our superfoods are good in taste: we taste and compare on average 20 types of superfoods to ensure the best flavor.

We have set up a short circuit by reducing the number of intermediaries and to ensure the traceability of our products.


Instead of asking ourselves what we could add to our products to stand out from the current industry, we looked for what we could remove, to keep only the essential: the active ingredients of natural origin. We therefore simplify our formulas by keeping only the active ingredients that bring you real benefits.
Fewer ingredients is also synonymous with a more reasonable price in order to make the best of superfoods and nutraceuticals accessible to as many people as possible. Each component of our recipes has its place and has been selected for a specific characteristic.



Since the beginning of the Vegal adventure, we have been able to reduce our ecological products in the recyclable condition. We use our paper craft for super food and drinks.